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Alan Landers

Our Mission is to help organizations achieve excellence by increasing employee accountability and empowerment. Our assessment tools and research processes identify sources of problems and provide insights into how to improve effectiveness and productivity in organizations.

We believe that accountability starts at the top and is manifested in the behaviors and examples set by the organization’s leaders regardless of their titles or positions. We help organizations excel..


FirstStep was founded in 1989. Our initial focus was on implementing empowered, self-directed work teams. The New York Power Authority was our first client. They were joined by General Motors, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, and other Fortune 500s.

historyIn the mid-90s, we continued to work with teams, but our focus shifted to strategic planning and organizational effectiveness. We were leaders in designing integrated performance management systems.

In the mid-2000s, we worked mostly in the financial services industry, increasing the effectiveness of their sales organizations.

We are experts in OD, leadership, teams, and training. Our competitive advantage is our ability to align and optimize individual and team competencies to increase organization effectiveness.

Our name is tied directly to our mission of transferring knowledge and skills to our clients. We think of our work as helping clients on a journey to improvement. Our role is to get them started on the right track, prepare them, and offer wise counsel so they have a successful trip.

We’re like the outfitters along the Mississippi River, back in the 1800s who helped the pioneers going West. The outfitters provided essential tools, maps, skills, and advice to ensure the pioneers reached their destinations as planned.

The difference is that we help prepare and then help them along for part of the journey. Once they are able to proceed independently, we leave them to their trip. That’s why we are called FirstStep.