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Quality-Productivity and My Role as CEO

Call_Center_001Quality-Productivity is an extremely important concept in our company. Increased productivity, by itself, is not a desired outcome. There are many ways to increase productivity and unless there is a quality component, things can go wrong. In our business employees receive a base salary plus a bonus based on the number of transferred calls they make that meet our clients’ criteria. We want that number to be as high as possible. Continue reading

Transitioning from being a consultant to being a CEO

FS Team  011After 3 decades as a consultant and executive, I finally made it to the C-suite. I’m CEO of a small, but growing, international call center. My experience in OD and Training has shaped how I’m trying to influence my company. This article introduces my company and what I’m working on to make it better. It is the first in a series I think you will find interesting. Continue reading

When are you ready to be a consultant?

Consultants-multi-ethnicI know a lot of people who want to be consultants. Most aren’t ready. Here’s why… Unless you’ve been responsible for leading a successful major change intervention in a company, you probably don’t understand all complications involved in doing so.

One of the first things I do when leading a change intervention is to create and lead a Planning & Implementation Team (PIT). The PIT is responsible for overseeing the project and all its myriad details. Continue reading

A typo and a consulting philosophy

Typo_ImageI was very excited to have a major company as my first client. My job was to work with the client to create “the best supervisory training program in the world”. We were both pumped with the idea and filled with energy and grandiose visions.

I sent my client a letter thanking them for their trust in me and my commitment to achieving our vision. I wanted to thank them for giving me my first break as an external consultant. A few days later, I received a letter from the client. They did have one concern…

Continue reading